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100 Years

Supporting image by Lady Kitt


1st 3 images (L to R) on the 1st line, are ideas for overall composition / mood of the work and some paper wearables (1st two of these images are by and of me. Image 3 shows person wearing a series of paper flowers across their chest, is by artist Selvade Papel- not by myself).

Next two images (L to R), on the second line, show me wearing an intricate paper cut crucifix I made as a mask for an example of my wearable paper cuts.

The 4 images below these (L to R), on the 3rd line, are examples of my own previous intricate hand cut paper cuts I have created and include

Skull made by cutting 1,335 heart shapes from a single sheet of paper,

Words by 5th century BC bisexual poet Sappho cut out of a giant (large enough for an adult to sit it) origami boat,

Intricate papercut “portrait” of street artist and drag queen ID4A,

Examples of decorative text created as part of a giant wearable map.

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