Lady Kitt is a maker, researcher and drag king. Based in the UK, their projects have taken place all over the world, winning awards& involving thousands of people.


Kitt works in a social engaged art practice using paper crafting, performance and research to create objects, interactions and events. Their work is driven by an insatiable curiosity to explore, share and (gently) insight the social functions of stuff that gets called art.


Some of the things that have happened as part of their work are: super-sized origami, policy changes & the creation of an international feminist art magazine for and by children.   

"Making is important.

Making, makes people happy.  It creates space and time for talking, thinking, sharing and appreciating.

Making makes people…. Well, people. The things, the spaces we go and the relationships we form while making, are essential to human culture. Each group of makers has their own special approach, a particular way of doing things, a culture all of their own."

Lady Kitt 2018

Artist Statement
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