"Crowning glory- the untold stories of the Great North Museum”


Aug 2018

Great North Museum (GNM) Newcastle Upon Tyne and Durham University

A celebration of human achievements large and small. Global and personal.


Inspired by objects in the Great North Museum collection, Lady Kitt (as their drag king persona, King Kitt) and Nasty Women North East (NWNE), will introduce participants to the global Nasty project "(Nasty) Women are in history too" with drop in craft and discussion workshops.  


Participants will be encouraged to explore the collection and to celebrate female (and male) empowerment by creating a Nasty crown for a local historical figure who they feel is undervalued / misrepresented. Inspired by objects in the GNM collection, Nasty Women will encourage participants to explore the museum and find out more about local stories and people. King Kitt will be on hand to teach some crown making techniques. Crowns are associated with power, often reserved for a privileged few, but throughout history, marginalised groups have reclaimed and re imagined crowns as a way of celebrating their own achievements and victories.


For those who would like to, we will document participants making, wearing and talking about their crowns. Some of this footage will go on to feature in the  international feminist art magazine "(small but) FIERCE ", which is edited by Nasty Women North East and will launch at the Anti Art Fair in London in October 2018.

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