Where is Byker Community Centre / Where can I park?

It can be tricky to find Byker Community Centre- here are some things that we hope will help!

The building is listed as "Byker Community Association" on most maps

Video for getting bus from centre of Newcastle (Eldon Square) and then walking to the centre


Video for getting metro from Central Station to Byker metro and then walking


Link to road Map 

Please see map below for parking at St Michael's Church (just behind the community centre).

Drive down Avondale Road for about 50

meters, turn right and drive through a

black gate (marked with a red cross on

the map). There is parking  available for

around 6 cars (marked in blue on the map), You

can then walk up the path through the garden

(with the church behind you to your left and the

community centre [HUGE brick building] in front

to the right), through the decorative black gate &

turn right. The entrance to BCC is on your right,

up the steps (the building has a big sign on it

saying "Byker Community Association")

If you get lost or any of the gates are locked please ring the Community Centre on 0191 265 5777 and someone should be able to help you!

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