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"King Kitt: Absolutely-f**king- floorless”",

Miss Rory, Drag Idol Judge, 2019

King Kitt- scrotty, terminally confused, toxic male at your service...

King Kitt was created during 2017 by artist Lady Kitt, you can find out more about the development of, and political motivation behind, the character HERE

Kitt is currently working on "Drag Declares Emergency"

a digital residency with Craftspace, Birmingham and The Civic Barnsley

Asking: How can the lgbtqia+ community use our queer folk-art skills to respond to climate emergency?


On Feb 6th the commissioning organisation, Craftspace, are launching a digital space and set of #EcoDragChallange crafting instructions co-created by Kitt & LGBTQIA+ community groups & drag houses around the UK

The wider project aims to explore the histories and possible futures of drag as a folk art


The project so far has particularly focused on:

·       Histories of drag kings, principle boys, non-binary performers

·       Disabled drag performers

·       How the folk art traditions of mutuality and solidarity through collaborative making, are reflected in drag houses/ families and how this can be developed to support performers in creating more environmentally sustainable drag in the future

The project is nurturing a network of resource sharing &mutual support, to understand our histories as queer performers and work together to nurture nourishing, planet-kind and just futures.


Drag Declares Emergency (inspired by Culture Declares Emergency ) aims to learn from drag histories to grow queer folk-art skills in order to create work that minimises negative environmental impacts, whilst continuing to develop the joyful, exuberant, powerful folk-art of drag!

For more info on bookings / performances and to watch videos of Kitt's work please click images below










Images  of King Kitt performing / running workshops during 2018-2022 at:

Saatchi Gallery (London), Reyt Queer Do (Sheffield), Drag Idol (Newcastle), Anti Art Fair (London), Creative Debuts (London), Durham University (Durham), Great North Museum (Newcastle), DGA Collective (Newcastle), Northern Pride (UK), Alphabetti Theatre (Newcastle), Bowes Museum (Co Durham), Middlesbourgh Art Weekender (Darlington and Middlesbourgh)

Image credits:  Louise HarveyClare Brown, Michael McGuire, Sofia Barton, Sarah & Edwin Gruny-Li and Ndryka Anyika

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