Dressed As Adam

We are "Dressed As Adam". We make slightly mischievous work that aims to incite, celebrate and grow relationships between people and poetry. Words are funny old things- with the potential to be slippery when spoken and somehow unyielding when written: we like to forage around in the places between written and spoken words- hoping to find time, tools and space for people to develop deep relationship with poems, instead of fleeting flings. Writing, performing and (sometimes) destroying poems with themes of othering, Northernness and the profound mundane, we use a variety of techniques including: drag, word searches, photography, body paint, and (mild) participation.

Dressed As Adam members performing at The Russell (London), PRAXIS Gallery (Newcastle), Theatre Deli (Sheffield) and CultureLab (Newcastle University). Image credits Sofia Hussan, Clare Brown and Michaela Wetherell


Testimonials about "The Dancing Donkeys" interactive performance work, in the form of a pub quiz collaboratively made and performed by "Dressed As Adam" members Adam Carruthers and Lady Kitt with other practitioners including poet David Wright and evolutionary biologist Dr John Lazarus

"Immense audience engagement, theatrical and abstract, yet professional and direct.  Clear, articulate and skilful"


Laura Kirby, Curator “Capital Pie”, 

“Involving and important! It really helps that the performers always look like they are having such fun.”

 Jamal Kinsella, Co-coordinator “Café Scientifique" Durham University,

"The Dancing Donkeys quiz serves effectively to convey the complex dynamics of cooperation through intelligible, entertaining public goods games and carefully facilitated roleplay. Strengthening the emerging relationship between science and art, the multidisciplinary collaboration brings science to the public through engaging  performance'

Dr Matthew Johnson, Lecturer in Politics, Lancaster University,

“Like a cross between a family party and the Moral Maze”

“Imaginative, informative, very well organised, but also relaxed and fun”

“I enjoyed every little bit of it. . . I’ll be telling all my friends!”

Audience feedback from The Russell (London), Cafe Scientific (Durham) and CultureLab (Newcastle University)

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