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Upcoming Events

Vote 100: Born A Rebel

panellist, 3rd Nov, 2018

Come along to one of  five events at which the Vote 100: Born a Rebel film will be shown. As well as film screenings, these will include live music, panel discussions, spoken word, theatre performance, children’s workshops, tasty food and women being great to each other.

You can read more about the events here:

18 October, the Harris Museum, Preston

3 November, Shakespeare Hall, Durham

18 November, Yellow Rock Tap, Huddersfield

24 November, Yellow Arch Studios, Sheffield


Panelist, Sat Oct 20th. Mother's Who Make. Q&A on this fast-growing national initiative aimed at supporting mothers and artists, questioning the cultural assumption that these two roles are incompatible. Together they will share personal experiences of combining these- all the brilliance, all the struggle. Tickets available: HERE


Solo Exhibition of WORTH project

For more info click: HERE


NECP Forum:

Socially Engaged Surgery artist led talk / workshop, as part of NECP Case for Culture Annual Forum, on Nov 5th, 2018 at Stockton ARC.

For tickets please click: HERE

Plenty Up Top Gallery

Gallery on my head

Submissions open now!!

To submit please click: HERE


Various pieces from "Worth UK" series will be exhibited as part of the Elijah Wheat Showroom (USA) curated booths at The Anti Art Fair, London (UK), October 4th-7th 2018. For more info please click;HERE 

Past Events


Join artist Lady Kitt for an evening of paper cutting. Explore the history of paper cutting while learning new scalpel techniques.

You will create two paper cut works to take home, one of which will be inspired by Kitt’s own project WORTH (currently exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery, London) which includes intricate paper art cut from high value paper money!

To book tickets click: HERE


105 Ways You Are Worth More To Me Like This"  exhibited as part of "Cash is King",  at Saatchi Gallery, King's Road, London, UK, SW3 4RY, September 2018 for more info please click: HERE

Great North Nights- the female of the species


"Crowning glory- the untold stories of the Great North Museum”


6-10pm, Aug 3rd, 2018

Great North Museum (GNM), Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK


Inspired by objects in the Great North Museum collection, King Kitt and Nasty Women North East (NWNE), will run a drop in craft and discussion workshop.  


Participants will be encouraged explore the collection and to celebrate female (and male) empowerment by creating a Nasty crown for a local historical figure who they feel is undervalued / misrepresented. 

For more info click: HERE












"the Art of After"

Podcast recorded live on Fri May 5th 2017

Nasty Women International Art Prize showcase exhibition

June 21st 2018

PRAXIS Gallery, Newcastle,


For more info see: HERE

Deer Shed Festival

July 20th-22nd 2018


North Yorkshire

Panel discussion and workshop

For tickets click: HERE

"I am a Nasty Women because..." exhibition, 

Alington House, Durham City, UK, 


June 14th-21st, 2018


Various pieces from the "Worth UK" series, including a new work commissioned by Durham University, will be exhibited as part of the Durham City Arts Festival in for more info click: HERE

Supporting Young People and their Identity Through the Arts

When: Sunday 1 July 2018

Join Curious Arts, LGBTQ North East and guests plus short performance work in progress of "Let's Play Mums and Dads", by Lady Kitt.

For more info click: HERE

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