EXIT Project Info

Exit, pursued by a bear?: leaving, being left, relinquishing boundaries, finding common ground.

​Through making and sharing this project I want to give myself, and others, opportunities to imagine what we may loose, and gain, from leaving. Relinquishing ideas, physical things, people and geographical boundaries can be deeply painful & traumatizing. But having the ability to “let go” is often transformative; allowing individuals and communities to be flexible, resilient, accommodating, forgiving, kind. For me, collective acts of relinquishment are vital for societies to remain useful and relevant.

I believe, the things we  EXIT and the way we manage the process(es) of leaving has huge bearing on our shared values, on our ability to negotiate our own place within those and on the flexability of ourselves and our communities. As does the way we treat others who choose to leave things that we ourselves are not ready to give up.

My decision to focus on un or little told stories of BREXIT (and of leaving more generally) is inspired by my belief that hiding or ignoring the stories of people whose decisions we disagree with or whose experiences do not reflect our own, leave us ignorant, insular, impoverished. Agreement is not the goal, my aim is to make space for being inquisitive about and open to alternative ways of doing and being.

As with my WORTH Project, EXIT is a series of intimate, personal acts of making and public / collaborative acts of negotiating and sharing. The time, resources, thought and love that goes into each work is a testament to my belief that these stories need to be shared, understood and valued."

Lady Kitt, 2018

"Throughout 2019, to coincide with the planned exit of Britain from the European Union, I am focusing on this project which invites people to consider possible effects of BREXIT on people, places, communities, physical stuff and ideas. Focusing especially on the less told stories of what BREXIT is and may be.

This body of work will include hand cut, paper cut portraits of people who offer their stories and ideas to the project. These will be cut into paper items and documents that related to European / British identity. The hand cut, paper cuts will be made by cutting love heart shapes from paper items relevant in some way to the stories of the subject, for example bank notes, policy documents, passports.  

The works will be generated through workshops, online call outs, performances, talks and be exhibited as individual pieces though 2019. Towards the end of the year all pieces will be combined and shown as a large paper based installation / sculpture.

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