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"An incredible performance and contribution to the event... such a strong presence in current conversations and so necessary. It was a pleasure, especially for us working in an institution to break down gender binaries "
Georgia Taylor Aguilar, Public Programmes Producer, The Tetley, UK


with Lady Kitt

A series of socially engaged performances 


Investigating and campaigning for change around the Gender Pay Gap between cis and trans/ gender non conforming people





Supported through commissions  by Scottee & Friends Ltd, The Tetley and Disconsortia (disabled artist led consortium)


#GenderPayGapRealness, Lady Kitt, Print Perform Present, The Tetley. Image: Jules Lister

“The gender pay gap is the average difference between the remuneration for men and women who are working. Women are generally considered to be paid 22% less than men.

In drag and art (the industries where I work) there is often a sizable gender pay gap between cis men and ... everyone else.


Anecdotally, in these (and other) industries, this seems to disproportionately affects trans and gender non-confirming people.  But, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) only collects data on the gender pay gap (GPG) between men and women.


Having to rely on anecdotal evidence when challenging anything is problematic, until reliable data is available, it is unlikely that unfair practices relating to remuneration for trans and gender non-conforming people can be realistically challenged.


I’m currently campaigning for the ONS to gather stats on the GPG between cis and trans/gender non-conforming people. The campaign includes discussion with the ONS, an online petition and a series of performances."

Lady Kitt, 2020

#GenderPayGapRealness durational, participatory performance 1

Performed at The Tetley, Leeds,UK,  07.03.20, 11am-1pm and 2pm-4pm



To be part of the work please:


1.Use the stamps provided to stamp a number on Kitt's cloak/ skin. This number should represent the average percentage difference you imagine there is between remuneration for cis and trans/ gender non-conforming people


2.Use the pen and comments book to write a little about why you choose this number



By the end of the performance Kitt will be covered in numbers- guesses, imaginings, anecdotes. Until the ONS expand the remit of their GPG stats this is all we have.


Once we have official stats, we have a base from which to challenge unfair / illegal practices. Until then we're stuck in a frustrating (in some cases dangerous) limbo of uncertainty and inequality.

#GenderPayGapRealness performance to video, originally commissioned by Scottee & Friends Ltd. as part of HomeVideo 2020

a dead unspectacular,

dedicatedly DIY,

one human lip sync video

about the gender pay gap between cis and trans/gender non-conforming people

#GenderPayGapRealness interactive lip sync performance 2 “(un) Common Currency”

Performed at "Disconsortia, disabled artist led takeover", at ARC, Stockton UK

and "DGA Chaos Party", Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle, UK

 A (mildly) interactive  lip sync, striptease with no mouth based miming and no (physical) stripping. Ever wonder about way we value certain performers /audiences / bodies more than others  ? I do. This piece is the result of some of that wondering...


King Kitt as Karen

Karen from finance is a hard working tax adviser in a law firm by day and a wild, bad boi, drag king by night. These may seem like two opposing characters and in many ways they are BUT they both suffer one similar challenge in their lives:

The Gender Pay Gap

all Karen's big boy  law firm tax buddies earn more than Karen, ever tho Karen immeasurablely more qualified than them

and all their big hairy man drag queen pals earn more in pay AND tips  and, Karen has HAd. ENOUGH!!! 

She fed up. 



Images: Kev Howard

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