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King Kitt- Performances available

Durational / Interactive/ Walk-about Performances

  • Don't Need The Money (see info below)

  • Toxic Masculinity Make-Overs (see info below)

Lip Sync / Stage Performances

  • Dry Your Eyes Mate (3mins, click HERE for video)

  • Too (many) Ladies (4mins, see below for more info)

  • A Kiss From The Rose (3 mins, see below)

  • Woke, Hipster, Fashion Icon (3 mins, click HERE for video)

ThisNorthIsOurGrandTour Lady Kitt 2019 i


Toxic Masculinity Make-over Images from Saatchi Gallery, London, UK, Sept 2018

Interactive walk about performance where Kitt offers make overs to party goes / viewers / participants. Encouraging them to get in touch with their inner toxic masculinity through a variety of techniques including donning facial hair made from genuine paper money.

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