Nasty Women North East FAQs

I would like to volunteer to help what do I do?

Thank you! Please email Michaela 

for more info, please click here

Can I volunteer if I don’t identify as a women- YES- anyone identifying as a “Nasty Women” is welcome- Please see our definition below

• Do you believe in equality?

•Do you want to protect human rights (in particular women’s rights)?

•Would you like to use art/ support others to use art (in the broadest sense of the word- poetry, dance, drag, music, knitting etc) to help increase equality and protect human rights?

•Are you happy to welcome and support others who also want to do these things?

If you have answered “YES” to all the above, then as far as we* are concerned you are a Nasty Women- Hurrah!!!

​What is all this Nasty Women stuff anyway?



Started in Nov 2016 (with a Facebook post that read “Hello female artists/curators! Let’s organize a NASTY WOMEN group show!!! Who’s interested???”)  by New York based artist Roxanne Jackson. Named after the Trump slur to Clinton during presidential debates “Nasty Women” offers artists (and others) the opportunity to be involved in a visual protest against the Trump administration whilst raising money for women’s and LGBTQ+ organisations. In January 2017 over 700 artists from around the world (including Nasty Women North East co-founder Lady Kitt) took part in the sell-out “Nasty Women” exhibition in New York, a fundraiser for women’s health charities. The idea took off and so far there have been around 70 Nasty Women evets around the world raising over £5000,000!


Nasty Women North East (NWNE)-

Started in Feb 2017 by Aly Smith (Byker Community Centre [BCC] Development Manager), Michaela Wetherell and Lady Kitt, NWNE (inadvertently) held the first Nasty Women exhibition in the UK in April this year. It was visited by over 2,500 people and included work by 80 artists from 23 countries! We are a “wildly eclectic collection of Nasty Women” for us being a Nasty Woman is not a physical, party political or biological definition.  Based at (and very much inspired by) the wonderful Byker Community Centre. Our ethos is: be kind, be creative, be enthusiastic, be welcoming, do stuff that's useful, have fun. We are interested in all human rights, with a focus on Women’s, LGBTQ+, and refugee rights. We are on


Facebook- please follow us! “Nasty Women North East”

Instagram- nastywomennortheast


Or email us at


Conference and exhibitions general info:


Conference November Thurs 16th (9.30am-4pm) and Fri 17th (9.30am-12.30pm) 2017

Pop up exhibitions open Fri Nov 17th only!!: (press preview- 5.30-6,30pm)

Public preview and spectacular conference closing party: 6.30-late, arrive promptly at 6.30 to enjoy free drinks, edible art and performances

Venue: Though Foundation Clarity House, Durham Road, Birtley, DH3 2TB, UK, Tel: 0191 4906700


Please note-

Children are welcome at the exhibition but all under 12s MUST be supervised by an adult at all times, please be aware that some of the work may contain nudity and address adult themes



Aims of conference

The conference will be an opportunity for people who are already involved in the movement and people who are interested in being involved to get together- celebrate our huge successes, share our less successful moments (and what we’ve learned from them!) and plan for an exciting, creative and useful future.

Aims of open exhibition:

Exploring the movement after a year

Offering opportunities for international and local artists (and people who do not define themselves as artists) to present work together. Submissions info:

Fundraising (for the conference see Just Giving page for details )


Aims of curated exhibition:

To offer the opportunity for invited artists who have been involved in several Nasty Women exhibitions / involved in the movement as organisers to expand on their Nasty art and reflect deeply on where the movement is politically and how it may develop.

How do I get tickets?

Please note:

For insurance and Health and Safety purposes the age limit for the conference is 16+


Who is welcome- The conference is predominantly for people (of any gender(s)) who are involved in the Nasty Women movement or who want to become involved. We welcome all delegates who share or ethos of being: kind, creative, enthusiastic, welcoming


I have specific access needs- how do I make organisers aware of these:

Please contact us on our google email northeastnastywomen@gmail.comto let us know what we can do to make the conference accessible and enjoyable for you

I have specific dietary requirements how do I make organisers aware of these?

Please see above

What is the schedule?

All ticket holders will be sent a schedule closer to the time

Do I need to bring anything specific?

Something to record any info you may need (pens, paper, tablet.). any info you may wish to share about yourself cards etc.

Any medication you may need

Food and drinks will be provided at breakfast time 9.30-10am both days and lunch time 12pm on Friday, there is a cafe at the venue at which food and drinks can be purchased at other times

Where can I stay?

There is a Facebook group for accommodation recommendations / lift sharing into – ticket holders will be added to this when they buy a ticket.

Money raised over our £1,500 target will be donated to  Byker Community Centre, who are they?!


Byker Community Centre, Headlam St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 2DX, is the home of Byker Community Association a registered charity, with two members of staff and around 20 volunteers, this amazing charity supports the wonderfully diverse community of Byker and the surrounding area with a wide variety of services including employment advice, LGBTG+ groups, after school clubs and a community café.

Phone0191 265 5777


Press enquiries:

The lovely Nicky Harrison at White Hot Communications:

M: 07824 390826


Exhibition submission:

Please see submissions page for detailed info

When is the deadline for submissions?
To be included in the exhibition work must be at Byker Community Centre/ Clarity House Thought Foundation, Durham Road, Birtley, DH3 2TB, UK
 by 4pm on
Monday 6th November 2017. We are happy to look at work via email / curator space submissions, but work will not be considered officially submitted until it has arrived at the venue one of these venues (with the exception of performance work!)

Which charities are being supported by the fundraising exhibition and how much of the price of work is going to them?
Full sales prices of all work will be go towards funding the conference- please see details on our just giving page- any additional funds raised will be donated to Byker Community association (up to £150) and anything above that will be used to fund community activism and art workshops in the North East

Is there any funding for artist’s expenses?
No. The exhibition is a fundraiser and everyone involved (artists, curators, technicians, designers, workshop facilitators, project managers, caterers etc.) is giving their time / work / resources for free

Who can submit work:
Anyone! No need to be a woman, an artist or particularly Nasty…

What type of work are you looking for?
Anything you would like us to consider! No need for work to be new or to explicitly reflect the theme.
Please take into consideration that the venue is a busy community venue used by a wide variety of people including children and that we expect children and young people to attend the preview. Also, please be aware that we anticipate many first time art buyers will attend the exhibition so recommend most work should be priced between £5-40 with a maximum price of £200

Work must be no more that 30cm at any point
If you want to propose a performance please send a proposal detailing duration, space needed, a brief description of the piece and a risk assessment.

Do Nasty Women North East or the venue have insurance for the work?
No.  By submitting artwork, you are agreeing that the venue have no liability for any loss or damage incurred to the work, whilst at Thought Foundation

When  is the Preview and can I invite people?
6.30-late Fri Nov 17th 2017 at the beautiful Thought Foundation, Clarity House, Durham Road, Birtley, DH3 2TB, UK

Please invite people! If you have given us your email address with your submission we will add you to our data base and email you a PDF invite you can also invite people via the Facebook event!


Children are welcome at the exhibition, but all under 12s MUST be supervised by an adult at all times,

please be aware that some of the work may contain nudity and address adult themes

When can I drop off submissions?
Please ring Byker Community Centre (0191 265 5777) / Thought Foundation directly to confirm opening times


Pricing for work
Please be aware that there may be many first time art buyers at the event so we are recommending a price of between £5-10 for most pieces with a max piece of £200

Unsold work:
Work not sold must be collected from The venue between 11am-3pm on Fri Dec 1st 2017.  Or, if return postage was included with the submission, will be posted back to you on  Sat Dec 2nd 2017.

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