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Supported by Disability Arts Online

#Portraits4PPE is a series of portraits of people who are doing extraordinary things (at work, at home, in their community) to help others deal with the many repercussions of the corvid19 pandemic.


Subjects have been suggested through an online call out, some subjects are well known, some are not (please see list below).

For the last 3 years I’ve been making a series called WORTH  - portraits of amazing people cut from £50 and $50 notes- but at a time when so many organisations and individuals are struggling financially, chopping up money in the name of art doesn’t seem a very productive thing to do. So instead I am making these portraits on the collection of low value (some obsolete) banks notes I have at home. Each work is created by hand cutting a series of 100s of tiny heart shapes from a single bank note. The cut out hearts are displayed, in a small glass vial, alongside the note.

I'm selling portraits in the series online to raise money to buy PPE for health staff / social care staff/ PAs who support people at home and currently have very limited (if any) access to PPE. I intend to continue making and selling the woks, and promoting the project for as long as I feel it’s useful.

Why: The project has been prompted by my experience of growing up in a household supported by social carers and  the experiences of several friends who are deeply concerned that they will not be able to maintain their independence or protect their own health or the health of others due to the lack of PPE available for social care workers, community based nursing staff, home carers and PAs. This is a hugely important, deeply nuanced and largely ignored issue, affecting tens of thousands of disabled people.

The online exhibition will include 10 portraits by me, writing about and links to info regarding the issues involved and a call out for / images of work by other artist, added as when they are created

Participation: Currently people can participate by suggesting subjects and by buying work from the series. I also want to expand the project to include work by other artists. I'm inviting people to make #Portraits4PPE in their own mediums and sell these online using the hash tag #Portraits4PPE to raise money for PPE for social car workers. Taking the #ArtistSupportPledge model as inspiration, I suggest organisations/ charities which focus on PPE for social care workers, but where the money is donated is chosen by the individual artists.

Subjects so far (all suggested via open, online callout):

·         Vici Wreford-Sinnott (playwrite and disability rights campaigner)

·         Kat Bevan (founder of the Artist Food Bank Network)

·         Jack Monroe (campaigner against food poverty)

·         Areema Nasreen (Nurse who cared for covid19 patients at Walsall Manor Hospital, before dying of the disease)

·         James McAvoy (actor and Campaigner for PPE for NHS staff ).

If you have a suggestion, please email me with subject heading

Include the name of the person you would like me to make a portrait of, a couple of lines about what they’re doing to help others and an image of them (taken with their permission/ link to a publicly available image).

I intend to  sell all portraits online to raise money to buy PPE for health staff / PAs who support people at home and currently have very limited (if any) access to PPE. 

Big germ free, digital affection




Lady Kitt, 03.04.2020

Image description: series of portraits cut into various bank notes. Each portrait is made up of 100s of tiny heart shaped cuts. The cut out heart shapes are collected in a small glass vial displayed next to each banknote.


#Portraits4PPE 1

Areema Nasreen (Nurse who cared for covid19 patients at Walsall Manor Hospital, before dying of the disease on 03.04.19)


#Portraits4PPE 2

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