"Powerfully emotive portraits"
Bob Osborne, Curator "Cash is King", Saatchi Gallery, UK

"International superstar of feminism", Creative Debuts, London

Phill Douglas, Director, Curious Queer Arts Festival
"The Many Ways..." Paper cutting

"My paper cuts typically depict political figures, cultural or religious symbols, created by cutting tiny repetitive shapes from a single sheet of paper (for example a crucifix made from emojis or the Statue of Liberty made from Xs- to represent kisses/ votes on a polling card). The paper I use can have inherent or perceived value of it’s own (a £50 note or an invitation to Donald Trump's inauguration) and the cutting process changes this. The original worth of the paper is destroyed, but cutting creates new value(s)."

Lady Kitt, 2017

"1,337 Ways I Love You"
"7.2 Billion Reasons To Understand"
"160 Ways I Feel About You"
I'm Happy That You're Happy
Studio shot
Work in Progress
Work in Progress
"160 Ways I Feel About You"
I'm Happy That You're Happy But I'm Not
1,337 Ways I Love You
167 Beats My Heart Has Missed For You

Images Include


“127 Ways You Are Worth More To Me Like This” Hand cut papercut portrait of Malala Yousafzai on genuine £50 note from the series “Worth", 2017


"Spoilt” or "I'm Happy That You're Happy But I'm Not Happy" Hand cut papercut on ballot paper for the 2017 UK “snap” election. By createing the work Kitt "Spoilt" her ballot, 148 mm by 210mm, 2017

“Liberty Of Kisses” Hand cut papercut on recycled ivory paper, created during a performance in response to the USA elections in 2016, 210mm by 297mm, 2016

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