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Environmental Responsibility

As part of the ACE funded 2020-21 project enSHRINE, Lady Kitt and producer Sarah Li have been exploring ways in which our collective practice can be more environmentally responsible. This page documents some of the actions we are taking and links to creative projects relating to organisational policy change

We have signed up to Culture Declares Emergency and have written our own pledge below

We are developing our environmental responsibility policies and procedures prompted by our research project enSHRINE

We are  always working on, updating and adding new strategies and ideas. This is a link to google doc if you're interested in seeing stuff we're currently working on/ would like to make any suggestions of other stuff we could investigate or do.

Links to text documents with image descriptions for images below can be found here: Culture Declares Pledge

Kitt and Kin Practical Environmental Steps

ONLINE VERSION culture declares environm

Document design by Sarah Li

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