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"I was really delighted by Kitt's workshops. The participants clearly engaged really deeply, I felt Kitt drew the themes we'd hoped for together with creative tool sharing and I thought that the space Kitt created to address the kind of issues we deal with was wonderful. "
Lisa Charlotte Davis, Managing Director, Changing Relations C.I.C., UK

From Abstract to Object

“I think therefore I am not that wax” or “From Abstract to Object”: Inspired by the Cartesian “wax argument” this is a physical approach to abstract ideas, devised by Lady Kitt. Using hand crafting as a method for solidifying theoretical knowledge / understandings. Considering the impact of specific ideas on humans/ non human animals &  environments by asking simply- “if this idea was an object, what object would it be?”.

Kitt is currently further developing this approach with Dr Tina Sikka at Newcastle University within the project "Objects of Consent", part of Dr Sikka work  “A new feminist politics of sex, consent and justice in the age of #MeToo” 

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"This house is our ...?" workshop facilitated by Lady Kitt for Changing Relations as part of #UsToo at Durham University, 2019

Exploring ideas of house, home and safety in the context of domestic abuse, where "home" can be a place of danger and non- domestic settings can offer community, support, refuge and strength.

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