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Nasty Women International Conference

“Are You Still Nasty?”

Nasty Women North East* were Thought Foundation ecstatic to host the first ever international Nasty Women Conference in Newcastle upon Tyne on Thursday November the 16th and Friday November the 17th 2017!!

We were joined by Nasty Women from around the world including one of the co-founders of the Nasty Women movement, New York based artist Roxanne Jackson.




Political postcard making workshop with award winning artist Sarah Maple (UK). Much of Maple's inspiration originates from being brought up as a Muslim, with parents of mixed religious and cultural backgrounds.

· Art and activism talk from Airco Caravan (Netherlands), founder of Nasty Women Amsterdam

· “Embracing Fear” workshop with Kymberlee Jay (UK/USA) Black British Business Awards winner 2017 - an entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist and former dancer for Madonna

· Plus- The Guerrilla Girls (GLOBAL!), Klaus Pinter (AU), Margaret Harrison (UK), Daria Galeeva (Russia), Trudy Giordano (USA), Joyce Overheul (Germany) and Lady Kitt (UK)

The conference was be accompanied two exhibitions:

1 “Are You Still Nasty” an open, art and activism exhibition –  No need to be a women, an activist or an artist (this really was open to everyone- and included works of art by people who explicitly told us that they were NOT artists and our youngest participant was just 5 years old)

For more submissions info see our Facebook event, Facebook note or visit

2 “TRUMPED” a curated exhibition including work by Nasty Artists who have been prominent in the Movement since it’s inception in Jan 2017


It has been an astonishing year for Nasty Women- the movement has raised over £500,000 through around 70 events involving 3,000+ artists.

Like to know a little more?

"Nasty Women” is a global art and activism movement started in New York in 2016 as a protest against the election of Donald Trump, 45th president of the USA.

The movement is open to everyone- no need to be a women, an artist, an activist or even particularly nasty!

The conference may particularly appeal to you if you study, or have an interest in, politics/ art/ sociology/ gender studies/ history / activism

To find out more about the global movement please follow this link

Still not convinced?!

We have 5 great reason to come along:

1. Nasty Women- has been called "the new Guerrilla Girls" and is fast becoming an extremely important global force in activism and art- this is an amazing opportunity to be involved in a movement as a pivotal moment in its’ development
2. This is an opportunity to meet, hear talks by, network with and experience work by artists, activists, researchers, curators and gallerists from around the world- including Roxanne Jackson (USA)& Airco Caravan (Netherlands) 
3. Coming to the conference is a great way to get involved in a local Nasty Women group and really make a difference in the lives of local people who are suffering discrimination and inequality
4. You will get a LOT for your £12- all of the above plus (lots!) of beautiful food on both days 
In comparison: The NAEA National Convention (largest gathering of visual arts educators in the world) costs up to £200 per ticket and “The Brooklyn Conference 2017: Inspiring Social Change” (art and social activism conference) sells tickets for between £50-£120
5. You will be welcomed, inspired, challenged and entertained by some of the most exciting art activists working in the world today

We are currently fundraising and organising. If you would like to be added to our mailing list or offer any help please contact us: 

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