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Social Art Barometer 

Social Art Barometer, inspired by working alongside Dan Russell and Mark Bleakley (and other Constellations 2020-21 artists), this is a print / trace -cut- out- &-keep picture of a barometer and a hand with a pointing finger!


You can use this to physically pin-point where you feel your idea / project/ commission/ practice/ co-mentoring sits, on a scale between two opposites/ extremes / spaces/ ideas/ ideals.


These scales can be anything that feels relevant/ interesting / important to you.


Some I’ve found useful are:

"Communities OF Interest<>Communities WITH Interest" 


"Civic Creative Intimacies<>Personal Creative Intimacies"



“Physical wellbeing<>Mental wellbeing”,


“Social<>Sociable”....... the possibilities are endless!

Link to Dan Russell's Socal Practice Spectrums: HERE 

To download print and cut out PDF template click: HERE

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