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"sustain", 2024

Commissioned by Wild Rumpus and premiered at Timber Festival 2024, UK

Welcome to “sustain”, a place to  pause.

  • What feelings cheer, support & hearten you? 

  • When you need emotional sustenance do you search for calm, mischief, joy, peace? 

  • Or maybe it’s all a bit more complicated than that- something in between, woven through or beyond one word descriptions?


Here you are invited to spend time in contemplation & celebration of the unspoken feelings which sustain you. 


We are often expected to articulate and solidify our feelings in words. There can also be value, and luscious delight, in experiencing & expressing emotions through making. 



“Making both contributes to, & is an ongoing expression of, my emotional sustenance. Through the temporary installation of “sustain” I’m aiming to grow space which can tenderly reveal, and fiercely care for, the role of crafting in nurturing and documenting our emotional lives

Lady Kitt, 2024

This installation, crafted from fabric, rope & recycled plastics, is described by the artist Lady Kitt as “a folk-art inspired shrine”.


The work includes a variety of small hand woven items incorporating rocks and twigs, which visitors are invited to take away with them, if they wish, as a physical reminder of their time here.



Please Click HERE for list of materials used in the work and how they will be reused after Timber

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