"For me, the way you get stuff done is just as important as the stuff you do. In fact, the way you get stuff done often IS the stuff you do. Over the last 11 years I've developed quite a few approaches and methodologies to working with people and making stuff. Below you can find a bit out about some of these (words with lines underneath have links to more info).


Thematically most of these involve:

Mess Making As Social Glue

Commoning through craft

Off with their ids (non hierarchical ways of working), 

“I think therefor I am... not that wax” or “From Abstract to Object” (physicality of abstract ideas)

Practically techniques I use have included:

Collaborative sandwich making

Den creating and destroying (and creating again)

Manifesto Making (and  manifestos about making)

Archive building / destroying / re interpreting

The Social Practice Surgery

Mapping (connections, skill, knowledge, mistakes )


Vocal exercises

Cutting up high value bank notes

Throwing parties

Founding an international art and activism prize

and asking people to close their eyes and blow bubbles quite a lot (although not simultaneously...yet)"

Lady Kitt 2019

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