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"I can't recommend Kitt enough; they are a social art powerhouse, wonderful artist and a warm and approachable mentor".
Sarah Li, artist and producer, 2023

“Kitt’s sessions have been so thoughtful and generous. My aim for these sessions (run as part of Craftspace’s artist development programme “In:Site Learn”), are to show how things can be done differently: in relation to art practice, how art functions in society, and in the way workshops can be run. Kitt gave mentees such a powerful, formative and positive experience, and I know will have made lasting changes to the way they think about themselves and what they do moving forward.”
Katy Sadler, Learning & Engagement Manager, Craftspace, 2024


Kitt provides mentoring for artists, arts workers and arts organisations based on:

  • Social Practice Surgery techniques developed with artist Dan Russell (Social Practice Surgery link here)

  • Methodologies from Kitt’s enSHRINE project (2020 on, organisational development through collaborative creativity, ACE and AHRC funded)

  • Their multi award winning practice working as an artist, mentor and consultant with individual artists and arts workers and arts institutions around the UK (Biog here)


Kitt gives subjective advice filtered through their own funny, sad, exciting, worrying and wonderful experiences doing art as a queer, disabled, parent artist. 


Proposing possible ways out of conundrums, over, through and around barriers and gently dismantling obstacles, often using creative activities and approaches.

"I began working with Kitt as I prepared to make an Arts Council England grant application for my project MOTHEROTHER. Their clear and considered advice and guidance assisted me hugely in the application process and I was successful in securing the grant. Always kind, supportive and thoughtful, Kitt is also quick witted, direct and fantastic at holding me to account. Their knowledge and experience, especially with regard to accessibility issues coupled with an open and genuinely caring approach, makes Kitt a wonderful mentor."
Sue Loughlin, artist and founder of MOTHEROTHER, 2023

How long are the sessions?

121 mentoring sessions usually last between an hour and 90 mins. Mostly they are conducted online, but can be in person (please see costs below).

How many sessions will I have and how often?

The minimum number of sessions are usually 3, generally at roughly monthly intervals.

Do I need to prepare for the sessions?

Before your initial meeting you will be asked to prepare a list of topics, questions and conundrums you’d like to cover over the course of your sessions. You will be sent an Etiquette Document by Beth which lays out some information about the ethical framework in which sessions will be conducted and expectations around confidentiality etc.

What will happen in the sessions?

In the sessions, as well as talking and listening, Kitt uses techniques including crafting activities, breathing exercises and meditation. In your 1st session Kitt will ask which techniques you think would be useful, appropriate, comfortable and fun. None of the activities or exercises will be sprung on you without prior agreement!


What will happen after the sessions?

After each session Kitt will email you a “Prescription”. This technique is used by Kitt and Dan Russell in the Social Practice Surgery as a method of reflective note taking after a session and a way to share specific tools and links etc.


How do I book mentoring?

Please email Coordinator Beth with the heading “Mentoring enquiry”, including:

  • Your name

  • Your contact email address

  • Any access requirements you have, your access statement or access rider

  • A brief (150 words max) intro to your practice or link to online biog

  • A list of topics, questions, conundrums you’d like to cover

  • How many sessions you are interested in booking (minimum 3)

  • When you would ideally like to have the sessions (please give a general idea for example “between May Sept 2023” and, if you have them, any specifics for example “Mondays and Thursdays between 10am-2pm tend to suit me”)



How much does it cost?

Sessions are £150 per 121 online session (3 hours @£50 an hour. One for prep. One for contact time. One for creating a prescription after the session).

Hourly rates for in person sessions are the same, plus travel , accommodation, access costs and (depending on the location and length of session) additional fees for travelling and prep time. In-person sessions are usually longer, between 3 hours and a whole day contact time.

Kitt also runs group sessions, usually commissioned by arts organisations for associate artists, members, staff and staff CPD, particularly around access, co-creation and environmental responsibility.

Each year Kitt offers 10 hours of mentoring free of charge (30 min slots, online- usually 1-3 hours per individual) to early career artists and producers with an interest in social art, community art, participatory or co-created art. There are currently some slots available for 2024. If you are interested in these please contact co-ordinator Beth Stead  with the heading "early career mentoring". Please include (text of no more that 250 words or video / audio of no more than 3 mins ) :

  • .your contact details 

  • .brief intro to you and your work

  • .your interest in social art

  • .timeline (when you imagine mentoring happening)


We'll aim to get back to you within 2 weeks of receiving your email, however at busy times (particularly during the summer) we may take a little longer.


Kitt has an access centred practice drawing on their experience as a Disabled artist and extensive training including “Train The Trainer: Disability Equality Training” from Little Cog

For more info about access in Kitt's practice, Kitt's Access Manifesto and Safer, Braver Spaces Agreement click HERE


Please include any access requirements you have, your access statement or access rider when you initially contact Beth about mentoring.

You can also book a brief 121 access chat with Kitt or  Beth by emailing with the heading “Access chat”.

We'll aim to get back to you within 2 weeks of receiving your email, however at busy times (particularly during the summer) we may take a little longer.

There are some resources relating to access statements and riders here:

Creating Your Own Access Rider - Unlimited (

Access Rider Open Template - Disability Arts Online



What happens if I need to cancel?

If you need to cancel a mentoring session please aim to do so with at least 24 hours notice.

Please email Lady Kitt directly on and CC project coordinator Beth, on

In general, if an online session is cancelled, we will rearrange the session up to two times without charging a cancellation fee. 

If a session has been cancelled and rearranged at short notice (less than 24 hours) more than 2 times we will usually expect mentees to pay the full cost of a cancelled session (usually £150).

We know short notice cancellations can be access related. When you initially book your sessions, if you feel you may need to make multiple short notice cancellations for access reasons, please let Beth or Kitt know, and we will work together to manage this.

Kitt’s relevant training:

“Train The Trainer: Disability Equality Training” from Little Cog

Certified Museum of Happiness Facilitator Training

FailSpace Champion Training

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