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"International superstar of feminism", Creative Debuts, London

"Powerfully emotive portraits"
Bob Osborne, Curator "Cash is King", Saatchi Gallery, UK
"Protests of beauty and celebration",
"In a single space, WORTH demonstrates the power of the collective to elevate voices, especially when channelled through the hands of an artist as conceptually and technically talented as Lady Kitt."
Chole Hyman, Femme Art Reveiw



Portraits celebrating, pioneering contemporary women and non-binary people.

"...The (WORTH) series highlights fields in which women (and non-binary people) are still underrepresented and experience discrimination.  In the British Museum’s collection is a British penny of Edward VII. Stamped across the king’s head are the words ‘VOTES FOR WOMEN’. It was created in 1913-14, as a form of direct action against the state. By defacing the banknote, Kitt is likewise denouncing the state and suggesting equality should take priority over patronage. Kitt keeps the cut-out hearts, displayed inside a miniature bottle, perhaps in reference to their new-found worth as symbols of love and respect."
Alix Collingwood-Swinburn, 2020, Curator Durham University and Co-Curator of British Museum Touring exhibition "Pushing Paper", UK


​WORTH series, solo exhibition 

Panorama, The Civic, Hanson Street, Barnsley S70 2HZ

5 February -26 April 2022



This project celebrates women and non-binary people who work in male dominated fields / campaign for gender equality.

The series of portraits is inspired, by Caroline Criado-Perez's campaign to have more women represented on Bank of England issue notes. At the time of her campaign I was horrified by the abuse (including death and rape threats) Criado-Perez received.


The hand cut, paper portraits are made by cutting love heart shapes from genuine Bank of England issue £50 notes (or high value notes from other currencies- as close to the value of £50 as the exchange rate will allow), each one depicts a person who I feel needs celebrating. Some subjects are very well known some are not. 

Works from the series have been exhibited, sold and published around the world, including at the Saatchi Gallery (London), "Cash Is King" (published by Rebel Not Taken), and international public & private collections. (including Durham University Western Art Collection).

I am always delighted to find new subjects, I regularly ask for nominations via social media, but don't wait for one of those- if you know an amazing person who needs celebrating please get in touch!

For an in depth critical analysis of the series by created by Grace Hogan, Commissioned by Durham University, please click: HERE

"... how this particular piece corresponds with the relationship between Kitt as a crafter and a social practice artist. On an incredibly basic level, it could be said that the process of ’89 Ways You Are Worth More To Me Like
This’ corresponds more with crafting while its theme corresponds more with society and its functioning. But I believe that it is more useful to take the two together, as it is so hard and even potentially reductive to separate the two in Kitt’s work. Indeed, how can we separate the thematic element from the process when we consider the dialogue that the Worth series has with crafting women at home- the domestic history of paper cutting? And this is how we arrive at the gentle interrogation of both the world around us, and specifically the art world."

Grace Hogan, Summer In The City Festival podcast, Durham University, 2020

Our Common WORTH- a few thoughts about the impact of the project by Lady Kitt

; making, connecting, sharing and galvanizing.

Through making and sharing this project I want to give myself, and others, opportunities to imagine what society can gain from celebrating a wide variety of; people, achievements, stories. I believe the individuals we choose to celebrate can have a profound impact on our shared culture(s), on our ability to negotiate our own place within those and on the resilience of these cultures / communities. This is why many of the subjects are chosen by inviting nominations via social media- these are not just people who I admire, the choice of subjects are a reflection of my local and global community, an attempt to document, rejoice in and develop our common identity. The project is a series of intimate acts of making and public / collaborative acts of negotiating and sharing. The time, resources, thought and love that goes into each work is a testament to my admiration for the subjects and also dedication to the relationship I have with my community. The process of creating the individual works strengthens my admiration, my resolve, my sense of what I'm doing and why. By retaining the "cut outs" and exhibiting them alongside the portraits, I hope to expose a trace of these labor intensive and emotionally rich making, thinking and connecting processes."

Lady Kitt, 2018

Exhibition images including Saatchi Galley (London, UK), DeBALIE, (Amsterdam, NL), PRAXIS Gallery (Newcastle, UK), The Anti Art Fair, Creative Debuts  (London, UK), and The Civic, Barnsley (UK)

Worth USA   Similar to the "Worth UK" project, I am creating a series of paper cut portraits on high value paper currency (dollars). This project includes people who are working towards creating a more equal society in America. Many (though not all) subjects actively campaign against the Trump administration, for example Roxanne Jackson, co-founder of the global art and activism movement "Nasty Women".

Events / exhibitions upcoming/ current:​​

​WORTH series

Panorama, The Civic, Hanson Street, Barnsley S70 2HZ

5 February -26 April 2022

"89 Ways You Are Worth More To Me Like This"

Purchased by Durham University Art Collection. For more info please click: HERE


"105 Ways You Are Worth More To Me Like This" published inn"Cash is King-The Art of Defaced Banknotes",  by St Ives Publishing Company. For more info and to pre order please click: HERE

Events / Exhibitions past:


"CRAFT" @ Thought Foundation, UK

@ Thought Foundation., Birtely UK Opening Feb 5th, 2020

"Pushing Paper, British Museum Touring Exhibition" @ The Oriental Museum, Durham, UK  29th February to 20th May, 2020

"Art Takes Armory" @SeeMe, New York City, USA, March 5th- March 10th, 2020

"70 Ways You Are Worth More To Me Like This"
Exhibited as part of "Team Femke" @ DeBALIE, Amsterdam, NL

 Opening Dec 8th, 2019

Two new WORTH USA works shown as part of "Red Carpet" Nick Barnes & Lady Kitt two person show @ Globe Gallery, UK, opening Aug 2nd, 2019

Complete first set of the series (13 works) will be exhibited at Lady Kitt's solo show entitled "WORTH", Nov 2nd-7th @ PRAXIS Galley, NE1 6QE. For more info click: HERE

"105 Ways You Are Worth More To Me Like This" exhibited at The British Art Fair 2018, for more info please click: HERE

Various pieces from "Worth UK" series will be exhibited s part of the Elijah Wheat Showroom (USA) curated booths at The Anti Art Fair, London (UK), October 4th-7th 2018. For more info please click; HERE 


"105 Ways You Are Worth More To Me Like This" exhibited as part of "Cash is King",  at Saatchi Gallery, King's Road, London, UK, SW3 4RY, for more info please click: HERE

"93 Ways You Are Worth More To Me Like This" exhibited at Woodhorn Museum and Northumberland Archives. UK for more info please click : HERE

"105 Ways You Are Worth More To Me Like This" exhibited as part of "Empowerment"@ Black and White Building, London, UK on March 8th, 2018 for more info please click: HERE

Various pieces from "Worth UK" series, at Vane Gallery, Newcastle, UK, Friday 9th March – Wednesday 28th March, for more info please click: HERE

Various pieces from the "Worth UK" series, including a new work commissioned by Durham University,  exhibited as part of the Durham City Arts Festival in "I am a Nasty Women because..." exhibition, Alington House, Durham City, UK, June 14th-21st, 2018 for more info click: HERE

Two works from "Worth UK" series,  at TESTT, Durham, UK,  22nd March – 17th April,  for more info please click: HERE

"127 Ways You Are Worth More To Me Like This" was exhibited at the Nasty Women North East exhibition and at the Nasty Women International Conference. The work is now in a private collection in the Netherlands.

The ongoing development
of this project has been generously supported by the following people, who have purchased works from the series / donated money to support the project:
For more info on how you can support the project please click: HERE
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