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Together-ness Tools: social closeness with social distance


A series of ideas for being close whilst socially distant, part of Social Practice Surgery.

Ideas and resources created by Lady Kitt and Dan Russell (often in collaboration with others). Also links to ideas and resources by other people, that we have found really useful in doing social art with social distance. This is a work in progress we are adding stuff and editing regularly.

Stuff by us (in collaboration with others):

Number 1. Collaborative Counting Game  video and script with video description


An instructional Gacha video co-created by Finn Ratford (aged 9), Ada Ratford (aged 6) and Lady Kitt (aged OLD)


Voice over artists: Sarah Li (aged 26) and Edwin Li (Eleventy Oneteen)


Commissioned by NewBridge Projects for Collective Studio 2020-21

To download the script and description of the video click: HERE


Tips for online facilitation planning and delivery by Dan Russell

To download a text version of some of these please click: HERE

To add to a collaborative, every growing doc of tips for online facilitation planning and delivery click :HERE

We hope to create some audio versions soon.


Art Confined book (pages 48-51) Tools and ideas for making off and online projects happen with social distance


To download a text only version of the Art Confined book with image descriptions click: HERE

To download a PDF version of the Art Confined book as it appears in print, click: HERE

For more info about the Art Confined Project click: HERE and HERE

Number 4. “Enter, pursued by a bear”,

A brief exercise (and musical accompaniment) for addressing / sharing/ thinking about Zoom Fear

Exercise developed by Lady Kitt for "Taking Artist Development Online" at Chisenhale Studios, London (UK), Nov 2020

Musical Accompaniment specially composed by Sarah and Edwin Li

To download short PowerPoint intro to the exercise please click HERE

To download Musical Accompaniment by Sarah and Edwin Li, please click HERE

To download PDF of ideas, exercises and resources by all facilitators at "Taking Artist Development Online"  click HERE

Stuff by other people that we've found really useful:

Number 1. Notes on online residencies

By Alister and Kat, directors of

Two Destination Language.

Published by Theatre in the Mill.

To access the doc click HERE

Number 2.  Den of Web by Youngsook Choi

Simple exercise for creating intimacy and

playfulness in video conferencing space.

For downloadable word doc with image and

image descriptions click: HERE

Den of Web-Youngsook.jpg
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