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Spaces of Consent:  


A participatory, digital space

devised by Lady Kitt

Created in collaboration with

 Art Matters Now and members

of the DGA, as part of 

“Objects of Consent” an ongoing

project initiated in 2019 and co-authored by: 

Dr Tina Sikka (Lecturer, Media, Culture and Heritage(MCH), Newcastle University), 

Kristi Lennon (aka Trixie Blue, Burlesque Performer and PhD Candidate) 

 Supported by Newcastle University, the Gender Research Group (GRG) and by Ampersand Inventions at Orbis



Project Info:


“Spaces of Consent” is part of the wider project “Objects of Consent”.

To experience the "Spaces of Consent" digital installation please click HERE


The “Spaces of Consent”  participatory digital space is based on a physical installation made by Kitt at their Newcastle based studio. The physical installation is comprised of two large (2 meter by 3 meter) sheets of paper. One sheet bright pink, the other purple. They hang side by side (portrait).


The large sheet of pink paper has around 80 of small (15 by 15cm-ish), half circles cut from it. Together, the voids where the half circles have been removed, create the image of a huge “£” sign in the centre of the paper.


The outline of a tree has been cut from the large purple sheet, but not entirely removed. It hangs “out” of the paper, still attached by the bottom of the “trunk” and trails on the floor. On the branches of the purple tree, around 80 of 3D roses (made from the pink half circles) have been attached.


Onto the paper the roses have been written words and phrases co-authors feel are important / useful in negotiating and understanding consent. These roses were created by co-authors during an online workshop during Dec 2020.

Once the digital space launches at the Gender Research Group symposium at Newcastle University in Feb 2021, There will be opportunities to participate in the space online. 

Spaces of Consent Lady Kitt.jpg
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