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Conny is our Grand Tour

with Lady Kitt

A socially engaged commission as

part of Conny Art Festival,

Consett, UK

October, 2019


Alongside Kitt, residents of county Durham town Consett made giant origami boats (and ducks) and took them for a Grand Tour round the town and surrounding countryside. The work was inspired by connections between the town and the surrounding woodland and rivers. Considering the potential for enjoyment, education, well being, creativity and imagination which can be found in a short walk through nature. Comparing and contrasting this with the great efforts and expense of participating in a Grand Tour. Which were, said to be, undertaken for similar reasons.


Through  the  wider project "This England is our Grand Tour" we are asked to view our towns, open spaces, local heritage and culture with new eyes- to celebrate these "Treasures at our Toes" for being just as (if not more) exciting and varied than the 19th century Grand Tours of Europe.

The project included:


Collaborative making


An expedition / boat launch

Lots of chatting

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