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NOURISH: The Cumberland Shrine
Commissioned by The Cumberland Arms, Byker UK

Created by Lady Kitt in collaboration with communities of Cumberland enthusiasts 


The Cumberland Arms is a dearly loved and much treasured source of physical, creative & emotional nourishment to it’s local communities.

This has been especially vital over the last few years of pandemic and increasing turbulent global politics.

To celebrate this, local artist Lady Kitt is invited Cumby communities to collaboratively re-imagine their beloved pub as “NOURISH”: a folk-art shrine to sustenance.

Through a drop-in making days, Kitt encouraged fellow Cumberland enthusiasts,

of any age, to:

  • Make garlands (from recycled plastic bags)

  • bring a memory of the pub to share (this could be a photo, some writing, a drawing, an object or a story)

These items became part of a household shrine/ alter displayed in the pub until Oct 2022. The shrine is a celebration of sustenance and the Cumberland’s role in supporting communities to collectively flourish, even (perhaps especially) in difficult times.

By using recycled materials and recycling processes we are also celebrating the pub’s commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. After October garlands made as part of the project will be re used for other events and celebrations at the pub during the year.

From July 2022 instructions and materials will be available at the Cumberland to make garlands as part of the project, so if you can’t get along on the 7th, you can still get involved if you would like to. You can make while you sit at the pub or take the materials away with you- just ask at the bar / check out the instructions HERE or see the video below:


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