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Craftivist Recipe Archive

2023-on, digital and physical co-created archive of Recipes for Change
Commissioned by East Durham Creates, supported by Durham University 

The Craftivist Recipe Archive is a collection of “recipes for change”.

The first recipes in the archive were made by members of the Peterlee Art Café Group, UK, during weekly workshops in Feb-March 2023.

The Archive is now on the move, physically travelling around community venues in the UK and digitally being shared around the world.

The Archive is also growing. At every venue we visit we invite people to add their own recipes.

There is a physical picnic (or portable) version of the archive which can be borrowed for your community venue, group or setting. Please email for more information.

Click links below to view downloadable resources / template workshop plans and listen to audio versions of the recipe instructions and some of the recipes. If you would like to participate in the archive digitally, from anywhere in the world please contact to share your recipes / for more information.

Link to resources: Craftivist Recipe Archive resources - Google Drive

Link to recipes in the digital archive: Recipe examples - Google Drive



More info:

Craftivism is a combination of the words Craft and Activism. It is a type of gentle activism which uses crafting like sewing, printing and collage to create art. This art encourages people to make small but important changes in their lives. Together these small actions build larger social change.

We call the recipes in our archive: “Recipes for Change”.

Our recipes are not for food. They are for things we would like more of in the world and things we would like to be different in our own lives and our wider communities. They include kindness, recycling, positive mental health and better relationships with planet earth.

The picnic archive includes tools and materials which we hope will support people to create recipes and, if they want to, add them to the archive. These are:

  • A banner with the name of the archive and washing lines to peg recipes to

  • Wooden pegs to fix recipes to the washing lines

  • 2 x recipe archive folders (for recipes people have already made and space to add new recipes)

  • Decorated thermos flasks, sandwich bags and Tupperware for keeping materials  in

  • Recipe template printing block and ink pad to print pre-designed templates

  • Craftivist Recipe Archive name and logo printing block and ink pad to stamp new recipes when they’re finished

  • Picnic plates and cups (which are also recipes themselves!)

  • Books about craftivism / recipes

  • A cooler bag to keep everything safe and tidy!

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