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Socially Engaged Craft


Drag Declares Emergency

Lady Kitt  2021-ongoing
Socially engaged craft project exploring planet-kind drag, drag as folk art and LGBTQIA+ environmental activism

2021-23 Commissioned by Craftspace, Birmingham, in partnership with The Civic, Barnsley, UK

ACE Proejct Grant 2024-25

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This, Our Hive Of Voices

Lady Kitt Sarah Li 2021-22
Socially engaged craft project exploring LGBTQ+ history in the Midlands
Commissioned as part of Meeting Point 4 by Arts & Heritage and Warwickshire County Records Office

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(en)SHRINE title iamge.jpg


ACE funded R&D project 2020-21

AHRC funded commission 2021-22

Exploring collaborative craft as a catalyst for organisational policy change

Supported by Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art (Gateshead), East Street Arts (Leeds) and Flat Time House (London).


Spaces of Consent Lady Kitt.jpg

Spaces of Consent

A participatory, digital space devised by Lady Kitt

Created in collaboration with Art Matters Now and members of the DGA, as part of  “Objects of Consent” an ongoing project initiated in 2019

Supported by Newcastle University, the Gender Research Group (GRG) and by Ampersand Inventions at Orbis


Launch Feb, 2021

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Art Confined

Social Making with Social Distance

A socially engaged, live-art craft project

A socially engaged live-art / craft project conceived and facilitated by Lady Kitt

Produced by Sarah Li

Supported through commissions from Norfolk Street ArtsDurham University and disabled artist led consortium Disconsortia 

April-Nov, 2020

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Burned Bright

A socially engaged commission by

Thought Foundation, Birtley ,UK

as part of CRAFT,

Feb-April, 2020

Creating a giant paper installation (a collaboratively made, Joss inspired shrine to endangered animals and disappearing environments), followed by ceremonial paper burning. Click image for link to more info.


Conny is our Grand Tour

A socially engaged commission as

part of Conny Art Festival,

Consett, UK

October, 2019

Walking, talking, collaborative making and giant origami boat races.

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Social Practice Surgery

A research and support project for socially engaged craft / art practitioners, facilitated by Dan Russell and Lady Kitt.

2018- ongoing

Supported by Axieweb, The NewBridge Project and NECP.

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Making Manifesto

A socially engaged research project with Byker Community Centre ,UK


Working alongside staff, volunteers, local people  and composer Bridie Jackson to create a written, drawn and sung manifest investigating, celebrating and preserving the role of Making and Craftivism in the centre.

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