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As part of the GUILD residency with Two Destination Language @ East Street Arts, Leeds

Created by Lady Kitt in collaboration with GUILD program members


An invitation to “POLLINATE”. Through the presentation and collaborative development of this secular shrine, we invite you to consider how the GUILD network can function as a source of physical, creative & emotional nourishment and pollination to it’s members.


To support the gatheration and exchange of gifts between network members, over the course of the residency we’re inviting you to get involved by:

  • Making a votive offering of a gift you would like to offer others on the residency (for example a bimonthly 121 chat, physical space at your venue, sharing a skill you have) by writing your contact details and the offer on a post it note and pining it to the shrine with a peg


We also invite you to:

  • Make garlands (from recycled plastic bags) to add to the shrine. Garland instructions HERE  / see the video below

  • Make a confession by writing it on a piece of paper & posting it into the confessions box in the centre of the shrine, these will never be looked at or shared, but at the end of the residency, will be ceremonially burned and the ashes scattered to the calming winds

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