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Mapping Methodologies

Co-creating giant, 3D, maps out of paper. These may take the form of participatory installations, drop in workshops, sets for performances, videos, chats, starting points for manifesto making/ other projects.


Typically, the maps including paper objects made by participants, photographs, archival / art objects from relevant collections, written questions/observations. They have also included performances, songs, bubble blowing and biscuits. Through mapping a group collects, shares, plays with and celebrates the social, cultural and emotional life / heritage / future(s) of a place. Places, people &ideas all appear as points on the maps.

Both sets of images below are  from a Mapping  workshop for The National Trust (Trust New Art) at Crow Park, 2019, working alongside residents of Keswick. For more examples of mapping in Kitt's practice see: Darlo to 'Boro


Image set 1:  “prep” map- basic pop up map created by Kitt prior to the workshop.


Image set 2:  completed map after workshop. Participants created points of interest, joy, conflict and excitement, relating to the imagined future(s), both negative and positive, of Crow Park and how art / creativity might support / negate these
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