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Money Art



Portraits celebrating, pioneering contemporary women and non-binary people, cut into fifty pound notes and fifty dollar bills

2017- on

Exhibited and sold around the world, including at Saatchi Gallery, London (UK)​

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Online exhibition, curated by Lady Kitt,

Commissioned and hosted by Disability Arts Online

Portraits cut out of bank notes, depicting people who are doing amazing things (at work, at home, in their community) to help others deal with the many repercussions of the covid19 pandemic

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3D objects from money

Created for various public and private commissions including:​

Art Confined

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45 Ways You Are Worth More To Me Like Th

Other portraits on money

Portraits of people including Harriet Tubman and  Shahiran Shahrani, on bank notes from around the world.

March 2018- ongoing

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Cash Is King (1 & 2)

Money art by Kitt has been included in both "Cash Is King, The art of defaced banknotes"  books and accompanying exhibitions at Saatchi Gallery, London, UK 2018 and 2019

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Other Money Art

Since 2017 Kitt has made a variety of work using paper money including wearable objects such as crowns, ruffs, codpieces and facial hair as well as kirigami and origami 

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