"International superstar of feminism", Creative Debuts, London

"Outstanding", Time Out

"Lady Kitt: The next Banksy", 

Jim Railton

Axisweb Podcast, UK
Live Out Loud podcast on care with Lucy Wright, Lady Kitt, Amelia Hawk and David Robinson 13.05.20
Lipsync drag video commissioned by Scottee&Friends as part of Home Video, 22.05.20
Celebrating people helping others during the covid19 pandemic. Supported by Disability Arts Online, April 2020
Art Takes Armory, USA
Work from WORTH series shown at The Armory Week with SeeMe, USA, March 5th-10th 2020
Axisweb, Awards
Research and Development award for Social Practice Surgery
The Independent
Feature in The Independent 26.02.20
Pushing Paper
Work from WORTH series British Council Touring Exhibition, Oriental Museum, UK, Feb to May, 2020
CRAFT exhibition
Thought Foundation, UK
6th Feb- 26th April 2020
Burned Bright
Socially Engaged Commission as part of CRAFT @ Thought Foundation, UK
March, 2020
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