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Book King Kitt

Book King Kitt for your event- Kitt is available to perform /  run series or one off workshop / talks/ performance lectures with venues or groups. Kitt charges a-n and Artist Union England recommended rates, plus travel and materials.

For enquiries / bookings please use contact form HERE

Current performances suitable for club / cabaret setting:

* Dry Your Eyes Mate: (3 mins) ode of solidarity to jilted men everywhere

* Too (many) Ladies: (3 or 5 mins)  Two Ladies (from the film Cabaret) reworked with blow up dolls and a feminist twist

* Woke, Hipster, Fashion Icon (3 mins): Join super hero Flash on a confusing journey through gender politics via musician and  queer actor Ezra Miller

* Beast-ed (5mins): Once upon a time there was Disney- the multi billion pound corporation has been blamed for a lot over the years, but drug fuelled group sex and real life chimera transformations... really?

Current performances suitable for festival / walk about setting:

* Toxic Masculinity Make-Overs
















"All I can say is Amazing! Thank you Lady Kitt"
Mark Gardner, Director of "FuckUp Nights" Newcastle
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