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Let's Play Mums and Dads- the remix

This work is currently being developed with amazing support from Curious Arts through a Queer Itch Bursary 2018


For tickets for a work in progress performance of the piece please click:



Title: “Let’s Play Mums and Dads (the remix)”

Content: I’ve never seen a family show about being a queer family, so I thought I better start making one.   


 I’ve been a parent for nearly 7 years. I have probably spent about 2.5 of those years exclusively playing “Mums and Dads” (except there’s never a dad character, there is always and only “The Mum”, “The Sister” and “The Baby”). I find this game intensely dull, so to keep us all on our toes I will sometime suggest that I could be “The Dad” or “The Dinosaur” or “The Talking Cupcake”, instead of “The Mum”.


In the proposed performance I’d like to play with the format of our game and have some fun with the roles that I never usually get to play. Using this as way to talk about families that are something other than “Mum And Dad”. Maybe a family with a talking cupcake or a dinosaur or two mums.

The work will probably include: a live interview with someone else who is part of a queer family, projections of drawings by my children (aged 3 and 6) about what it’s like to be part of our family and what they imagine their own families may be like in the future, Dinosaur drag, bubble blowing and some (very mild) audience participation.

Target audience (for finished work): families with children aged 6+

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